Our Story


For some, travelling can be a superficial experience, a checklist of places to see and things to do, gleaned from travel websites, colourful brochures, social media or travel advice of friends or the travel agent. 

For others, travelling is an experiential adventure. 

The sport of fly fishing is one of those experiential journeys. It allows you to experience and participate in a wonderful and challenging sport in some of the most beautiful environments. 

In the north east of Victoria are some of Australia‚Äôs premier trout streams and rivers such as the Kiewa, Mitta Mitta and Nariel Creek to name a few. 

Cast a line in these beautiful Victorian High Country streams and rivers surrounded by iconic Australian bush settings. 

At, we are your local host. Our colleagues are individuals with character, knowledge, experience and a commitment to service. Each trip is customized to your own personal preferences and expectations, using our local knowledge and experience. 

We strive to enhance your journey through cultural experiences that provide long-lasting connections to the places and individuals who live there. 

So when you board that flight home, it is the wonderful and lasting memories that you take with you.