Why Choose Us?


We customise your journey so that you choose the local attractions, dining experiences, venues or other experiences that interest you. We encourage you to do so because it goes a long way to supporting the regional communities.

Your host is a local

Our hosts are locals who will introduce you to the best the area can offer. Our guides offer a wealth of experience and depth of local knowledge to help make your angling experience a memorable one regardless of whether you are a beginner or seasoned fly fisher.

We will look after everything on your journey

We want you to enjoy the journey, not worry about the incidentals along the way or larger matters such as visas or travel insurance.

Our experienced travel team are there to manage all these matters for you: from visas to transfers throughout your journey, travel insurances to your flights. We will do our very best to ensure that you have a wonderful and memorable experience.

Personalising your journey

We will work with you to make the journey your very own, so that you experience what you would like to, including from where you would like to visit to catering for any personal, religious or dietary requirements.

Small, cosy groups

We limit the number of guests to four anglers at any time, with allowance for additional four non-angling partners or family members.

Smaller groups of guests open up a greater number of options, from boutique accommodations to unique and personalised visits to local attractions or venues.

Developing and fostering relationships with the local community

As guests of the local communities, you are being made to feel welcome in their “home” because that is where they live, work and play. If you honour them with the courtesy, respect and gratitude as you would to an old friend, you will return home with treasured memories of new friends, who will warmly welcome you the next time you “drop by”!

If you have any queries or wish for more information, please contact us here.

Our Friends


We would like to thank our friends for their kind support and encouragement. Our friends include:

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