Scott McPherson - Guide & Co-Founder


Scottie is a co-founder of Travelling Fly Fisher.

Scottie has fished many of the streams and rivers throughout Victoria and into New South Wales.
He has a great knowledge of their habitat and streamcraft which he loves to share with his clients.
From beginner to the seasoned Flyfisher; Scottie will do his best to assist you in fulfilling your dreams.

We are lucky to have some of the best trout waters in Australia

Chef by Trade,
Flyfisher by Passion.

V.Anilan - Co-Founder


Anilan is a co-founder of Travelling Fly Fisher

Anilan runs a travel business with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Australia and was recently introduced to fly fishing.

Anilan’s interest in fly fishing was piqued by the movie “A River Runs Through It” and when he got the opportunity to learn from an expert like Scott McPherson recently, he grabbed it eagerly. He found the experience at once serene and exciting, and the places he went trout fly fishing so moving. The lush valleys to the sparkling creeks, the beautiful golf courses, the endless vineyards and the bewitching towns in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in Australia all made such an impression that he has now made fly fishing in Australia a must do holiday for not just anglers but as a wholesome and richly rewarding experience for families.

John C. Y. Lee - Co-Founder


John is a co-founder of Travelling Fly Fisher.

John was born in Malaysia and spent half his childhood there before moving to Australia. He comes from a business background and has worked and lived in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. He is an avid fly fisherman.

Recently John introduced Scottie to kari ikan and sayur lodeh, during one of their catch-ups, Scottie enjoyed those dishes. He called them delicious…as he did so another word came to my mind…sedap!